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2017-05-24 23:17:18 by DaylightsEnd

This site is strill around?! Haha that's dope, and I remembered my loginl; super crazy. As shocked as I was, I uploaded a new song. Enjoy lmao

Update to Soul Devourer!!!

2011-04-29 02:03:23 by DaylightsEnd

To all those who may come upon, and read this; I am currently updating this track (Soul Devourer) with new vocals, better guitars, better sound, DRUMS, and better quality!!! I forgot how awesome and powerful this song was for me, so I thought I might do it some proper justice! :D

2010-04-13 21:35:15 by DaylightsEnd

So, my boss has this website for posting and viewing videos. It has a bit more "content" than youtube, so I suggest you check it out. Anyone can register and post. A nice little plug for ya. :D

(username: sandmanssicjoke)


New Album

2010-04-08 18:46:43 by DaylightsEnd

Is slowly, but ever so surely getting there. Ran into a few kinks, like Windows 7 having a 0.5 second delay in the line/mic in driver. Makes it 1000 times for frustrating and difficult to record new tracks. :(

Deleting a lot of my audio

2010-01-31 21:55:58 by DaylightsEnd

I'm going back into the music scene, and I want to use some of my material I've posted. In order to do that, I need to delete them. Don't worry, they will be posted elsewhere, but on a band site. :D

Wo! I'm back!

2010-01-31 04:06:21 by DaylightsEnd

Not sure what account I'm gonna use now....I was able to get my login info after my 4 year almost hiatus from NG. DaylightsEnd.....or Exige2009.....hmm.....that is the question.